Wednesday, 6 July 2016


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7" (£3 unless priced)

A Page of Punk/Werewolves on Motorcycles split
Active MInds- Dis is Gettin Pathetic
Active MInds-Recipe For Disaster
Active MInds- The National Lotta E
Amputee- st
Art Of Burning Water/Isolation Tank-split
Ash And Ruin/Iskra – split
Atrocity Exhibit
Atrocity Exhibit/Catheter- split
Bait- Every Lie I've every lived ep
Ban This - Creepy Crawl ep
Cellgraft- External Habitation
Coldworker/Deathbound -split
Constant State of Terror-War With No End
Dilution-st (£4)
Dispense- Nothing But The Truth
Endless Swarm-Pointless Existence (£4)
Entrails Massacre/Proletar - Split
Exit Wounds/Jigsaw Puzzle
Full of Hatred/Diskontroll – split
Godeater/Kurt Russel- split
Green Beret/Mocovy Khameni-Split
Half Gorilla-Graceless Beasts
Heartless/The Blind-split
Horror/War All The Time-split
Human Error – 10 Reasons to kill your boss and destroy the whole world
Idiots Parade/SayWhy?-split
Katastrofialue – Taivaasta Roskiin ‘94
Keitzer/Das Krill-split
Kobra xi/Prumyslova Smrt-split
Krupskaya-"Symbiosis Through Decay"
Krush/Mesrine -split
Kuolema – Noise From A Sick City
Lies Feed The Machine "Gallows"ep
Loaded For Bear/Half Gorilla-split
Looking For An Answer/Overpowering-split
Los Rezios/Dissect - Split
Mardrom-Deras Profit, Varan Dod
Masakari-Eden Compromised
Nothing Clean/La Letra Pequena (£4)
Nothing Clean/Higgs Boson (£4)
Oblivionised/Human Cull-split
Pick Your Side – Snakes and Ladders
Pick Your Side – Kill em all/Disline
Raging Fugitives-s/t
Santa Cruz/Take It Back-split
Sick Fuckin 0/White Male Dumbnance - split
Suburban Showdown/Warvictims-split
Suffering Mind/Wojtyla - Split
Sul9b/Dreadeye - Split
The Good Wife-s/t
The Horror/Wall All The Time-Split
Tomorrows Hell-s/t
Vitriolic Response - Follow the Herd
War Trash/Whatashame-split
Whole In the Head-Reclaim your future ep MR****
Sekec Mazer- feat Idiots Parade,Rabies,Balaclava,Kobra ix, spes erepta and coconut bulldozer
10” (£4.50 unless priced)
Battle of Wolf 359/Ressuectionists- split
I Fail- Highways
Lycanthrophy/Blood I Bleed split (£5)
Skulls and Flames- s/t
Zodiac- s/t
Entrails Massacre – Decline of Our Century £7
12” (Priced is in £ )
Abbaddon-s/t (green marble vinyl) 5
Active Minds-The Cracks Start Appearing 8
Agathocles- Mincer 7
Bad Luck Rides On Wheels 8
Blood I Bleed-Gods Out Of Monsters 6
Brutal Truth - Evolution in just one take vol2 (live) 7
Captain, Your Ship is Sinking-"Cross Your Fingers for the Epilogue" 5
Catheter – Southwest Doomviolence 7
Chainsaw To The Face-Agonising Pain ad Perpetual Misery 8
Cloudrat – Moksha 8
Cluster Bomb Unit – Stationenn Von CBU 7
Creeping Corrupt/Hellisheavan- split 5
Creepy Creeps-s/t 6
Department of Correction/Strong Intention – split 7
Dephosphorus – Night Sky Transform 7
Drugs of Faith-s/t 7
Enth-st (£7)
even worse/ the fa –split(5)
Evidence Smrti – s/t 7
Famine-Razzin 7-special LSDIY Offer!
Fear is the path to the darkside “Only the dead have seen the end of war” 6
Fredag Den 13:e- Under Iskalla Fanor 7
Fubar – Lead Us To War 7
Gadget – The Funeral March 8
Gu guai ring qiu-Death To Pigs 6
Geisha "Maudit a Minuit" 6
Gride – zaskuby chaosu
Hubakuska-"Mordparta" 6
Human Cull-Stillborn Nation 8
Human Cull-Stillborn Nation (white vinyl) 8
In Nomine Christi-Quo vadis 7
I.O.U-I Owe You 6
Isiah "Ils consormenti tuent et prient mais ne pensent pas" 6
Jobcrusher-From The Cradle.... 6
Krupskaya/Sandvokhan-split 6
Le Kraken-s/t 6
Lawnmower Deth – Billy 7
Looking for an Answer/ Ira Et Decessu –split 7
Masakari-The Profit Feeds 6
Monarchus – Out Of The Blue
Mohoram Atta/Thou 6
Momento Mori/Milkadd-split 6
Morser-1st Class Suicide 6
My Minds Mine-Scenes of the Complete Annihilation of this planet 6
Needful Things – Tentacles of Influence 7
Od Vratot Nadolu-“Mercury” 7
Righteous Pigs-Stress Related 7
Romeo Must Die(Pol)-s/t 6
Roxor/Risposta split - 7
Rue-s/t 6
SSS-The Dividing Line 7
Saviours – The Eye Obscene Creten 6
Skulls And Flames-Dead Area Paranoia 6
Skylark –s/t 5
Stormcrow/Laudanum –“Sacred Death” split 8
Teething/Ravage Ritual
The Fa/Even Worse-Split 6
The Holy Mountain – Enemies Ep
The Makai-s/t 6
Umbrella/Every Kid Loves A Clown-split pic disc 6
Valhalla Pacifists/Prumslova Smrt-split 6
Violent Frustration-Peace was Never An Option 8
Voetsek-Infernal Command 6
Wake – Leeches 7
Wake – False heavy g fold 8
Warhead – Never Give Up 8
War All The Time/Prolefeed -Split 8
Wojczech-Pulsus Lentalis 8
Wojczech-Grinding The Ruins 8
Comp - Too Short To Handle – 5
After The Last Sky – There’s no Light at the End of This Tunnel £6
After The Last Sky/Inert-split £2
Agothocles– This is not a threat, Its a promise £5
Al Thawra/Winters in Osaka (collaboration)-Wasteland £5
ANTIGAMA Zeroland £5
Beecher-This Elegy His Autopsy £4
Antigama/Third Degree/Herman Rarebell-Split £4Army Of Flying Robots-"vinyl stuff comp"£3
Athrenody-Crazed Development £4
Bleak Zero-st £4
Bloody Phoenix – Death To Everyone £6
Bloody Phoenix – Ode To Death £6
Bolt Thrower – For Victory £6
Bolt Thrower – War Master £6
Bombstrike – Born into this £6
Boxed In "2001-2005" £4 MR****
Burnt Cross – Mankinds Obituary £5
Buzzoven – Violence From The Vault £7
CATHETER "Preamble To Oblivion" £4
DAYMARES "Can't Get Us All" £4
Desarme-Es Tu Error £3
Dr Doom-s/t £4
Dysmorphic-Suffer and Die. £4
Ebolie-Elevation Into Distintegration £3
Electro Zombies/Hellborn Messiah-split £4
Evisorax – Isle of Dogs £6
Flatlands-Vermuyden £3
Flatlands-Black Sluice £3
Grief/Neagtive Reaction/Bongzilla/Sour Vein/Subsanity split "He's no good to me dead" £4
Hailstones Kill 200-June 19 1932 £3
Half The Battle/Play/Feud-split £3
Halo Of Knives-eat god. £3
Hard To Swallow - £6
Head Hits Concrete-Thy Kingdom Come Undone (Discography) £4
Human Cull – Split second extinction £2
Idioti Nove Doby-Systematicky Podvodfeat "Strach Ze Zmeny album as a bonus... £3
Lightbearer – Act One £5
Looking for an Answer – Extinction £4
Lycanthrophy – cd version of last lp £5
Magrudergrind – Crusher £5
March of the Hordes/Escape the Flesh split £3
Mass Extinction – Creations Undoing £3
Massgrave/Stormcrow – split £5
Mind Pollution "Spalone Dusze" £4
Mitch Buchannon/Slapenhonden-split £3
Mortal Combat-Hello?!Fukkyou!Thankyou! £3
My Own Lies/Y-split £4
Napalm Death "From Enslavement to Obliteration" £5
New Bruises – Transmit Transmit £4
Next Victim- "The Cold Gust Of Wind" £5
No mas no-aquel que tanto adjas £3
Protestant-As dead as we look £4
S.A.T.A.N-Unanswered chapter of s.a.t.a.n's comment on reality £4
Shackled Down – The Crew £3
Skitsystem – Enkel Resa Till Rannstenen £6
Sleep –Sleep’s Holy Mountain £6
Skrupel "Maximum Roadkill" comp cdr £1
Snowblood- third album £4
Space Witch-st £5
Suffering Mind- "At War With Mankind" £4
Take it Back-Skate to the streets £2
The Process-The Kennedy sessions £4
Trenches s/t £4
Urbanos/Choke Cocoi-split £4
Uzi Suicide – Moshin and Thrashin £5
Violent Arrest – Deranged £5
Voetsek "Infernal Command" £5
Wartorn-Tainting Tomorrow with the blood of yesterday £4
Wojczech "Pulsus Lentalis" £5
Yacorpsae – Discoregraphy (2cd) £9
A tribute to Rudimentary Peni £4
Beyond Good and Evil – A tribute to Anarchus £3
For The Kids-19 tracks documenting thrashy/fast/ grind/hc/punk scene around 04 in the uk.....£1
S.C.O.D- st
Space Witch-st
Giants of Grind II - £3
Napalm Death – The Dvd £8
Entombed - Monkey Puss £8
Distortion and Doom comp £8
BARGAIN 7s (ALL £2 plus postage unless priced)
Attentat Sonore-Barracades
Betty Pariso/Manuscripts -split (£1)
Slaughter of Innocents/Endless Demise-split
Burning The Prospect- st 1sided
Easpa Measa/Atomgevitter - split
Abaddon- The FInal Fucking STraw
A Den Of Robbers/From The Ashes - split
Ad Calendas Graecas/Homoconsumens-split
Alfatec/Brainphobia- split (£1)
Alltid Jaget- Hjelpelos
Cluster Bomb Unit/Raag-split
KSK/Sterbehilfe- split(£1)
Blood I Bleed/Sound Like Shit-split
Draw Blood-Rowdyism (£1)
LAHAR/The Shining-split
Agony/Forgotten Silence- split (£1)
Tokyo Sex Doll- Music is Revolution2007 tour (£1)
Mother Trucker/Una COrda-split (£1)
Narwhal-st (£1)
More Bad News-st
Patient Zero/Flick Knives and Splnters-split (£1)
People Again-st
From the Ashes- Heading for Dystopia
The Day Man Lost/Dream Are Free Motherfucker!-split (£1)
Sermon -st (£1)
In Tak Mau/Black SIster - split
Relativity- Mind is Weaker than the body (£1)
Repulsione/Archetype of Nothing -split
Stolen Lives/Time of My Life -split (£1)
The Killing Spree- (£1)
The Pookie Syndrome-st (£1)
Suckinim Baenim/Batalj
Ding Dong Dead-Nie Wieder Morgen! £2
Unison-The Sum £2

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


At last we've updated the distrolist, sorry for the delay!
Theres plenty of new stuff added and some stuff that's been sitting too long has gone on the bargain list so have a look and get in touch.

Next Release????Theres a few plans for releases nothing solid yet but hopefully there will be proper news soon.
By August there should be something definite, really hopeful that Nothing Clean have some plans, that split with Higgs Boson and their live intensity makes me thing an album cant be far off???
Also so many amazing bands coming out of Leeds at the moment too!
On top of this so much coming from Iceland, Russia and Ukraine that I heard/saw on my travels.... hmmmmm.....

Old news

Wojczech/Krupskaya Fast Blast Exchange #1We sorted out a short tour for Wojczech which led to the idea of the Fast Blast Exchange.... basically two likeminded bands that play fast doing short tours making it possible to get bands over to play when maybe they can only do a few dates. We put the stoke gig on ourselves, packed little room on a Wednesday night!!! The venue finally got its own pa but within a month was shut and ready for gentrification. So after feeling motivated to get more horrible music coming through stoke it seems we are without a venue again......

COTM 013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nothing Clean/La Letra Pequeña split 7" Out Now!!!!!!

This will take your fucking face off-
Nothing Clean - Desperate and full on power violence from Leicester

La Letra Pequeña -Damaged emoviolence from Spain

We're getting our copies when we catch up NC at their notts date of their tour check their dates-

04/09/15 - Stag and Hounds, Bristol w/ FUK, Broken Bones Gentlemen's Club, Atomçk
05/09/15 - The Winchester V...
ault, Bournemouth w/ Teef, Workin' Man Noise Unit, Iron Eagle, Swallowing
06/09/15 - West Track Rehearsal Rooms, Canterbury
07/09/15 - Three Wise Monkeys, Colchester w/ Jotnarr, Brainshit
09/09/15 - The Lughole, Sheffield w/ Flesh World, Dry Heaves, Aurochs, Nachthexan
10/09/15 - Temple of Boom, Leeds w/ Nembutal, Lugubrious Children, Demise, Harrow
11/09/15 - Secret location, Hereford w/ Rosebud, Supercaves, Maniac, Skinhorse
12/09/15 - Stuck on a Name, Nottingham w/ Nembutal, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Anti Social Behaviour Order
18/09/15 - Downstairs, Aberdeen w/ Bordach, Grudge, Rats of Reality
19/09/15 - Cerberus Bar, Dundee
20/09/15 - Glasgow, TBC
26/09/15 - Lomax, Liverpool w/ Corrupt Moral Alter, Foetal Juice, Winds of Genocide, Masochist, Nihilism Incarnate, Horsebastard, Burden of the Noose, Magpyes, Forged in the Furnace of the Sun, Gorehead, Siege Mentality, Chinsniffer, Blancomicrozoophobia
08/10/15 - TBC, Drogheda
09/10/15 - Warzone, Belfast
10/10/15 - Tenderhooks, Dublin w/ Obstacle, Vatican II, more
11/10/15 - TBC, Galway
07/11/15 - The Unicorn, Camden w/ FUBAR, My Mind's Mine, Carcosa
21/11/15 - Belvoir Castle, Bath w/ Fetus Christ, more

Due to rising prices to make vinyl (maybe cos its cool again I don't know) we have to sell this 7" for £4

As ever email to trade if you have a distro of awesome full on diy music

Listen to Nothing Clean

Monday, 30 June 2014


COTM started properly in 2004 before that it appeared on a few gig posters but as a distro come diy micro label its been going 10 years!!!!!!
It's pretty obvious that we're interested in diy bands that are full on musically and are political-whether that be in an overt way in their music or the way they do things.
The label does not support any bands that promote racism, fascism, sexism, homophobia etc

So here's a list of previous releases, we've been quite slow on putting stuff out as at times, we've been aiming more for getting the distro started but  this will hopefully be moving up a gear have a look at the bottom of FAQ's for how to order....

Cotm 013  Nothing Clean/La Letra Pequeña split 7" ( last few left)
Cotm 012 Catheter/Attrocity Exhibit split 7" £3 (a few left)
Cotm 011 March of The Hordes/Escape the Flesh split CD £5 (comes with moth patch) (few left)
Cotm 010 Black Hole Of Calcutta LP ALL GONE
Cotm 009 Lycanthrophy Lp (Black)  ALL GONE
Cotm 009 Lycanthrophy Lp (colour) ALL GONE
Cotm 008 After The Last Sky/S.a.t.a.n split 7" ALL GONE
Cotm 007 After The Last Sky "And This Is Progress...." LP ALL GONE
Cotm 006 Lycanthrophy/Say Why? split 12" ALL GONE!!!
Cotm 005 Lycanthophy/From The Ashes/After The Last Sky/Joe Pesci BACK IN STOCK!
Cotm 004 Krupskaya "Clouds Over Pripyat" CD £5 (Last one)
Cotm 003 Filthpact/Atomgevitter split 12" ALL GONE
Cotm 002 After the Last Sky/Inert split CD £2 Still available/can trade

1. Do you trade your releases?Yes! BUT we only trade for the kind of stuff that makes sense to have on this distro and sometimes its more difficult because of postage costs but get in touch and we'll work something out ( circusofthemacabre(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk )

2. Will you put out my bands record?

Maybe but probably not, we normally have a few plans and ideas of what we want to release as soon as we have got some money together to afford the next release, but again get in touch, we'll help where we can

3. How do you order stuff online?Ok 3 easy steps-
1) Email with what you want and your postal address. Our email address is Its probably best to put something in the subject like "hey matt I wanna buy some records" or something like that. You can contact us on facebook but the message service on there isn't always great

2)We'll reply to confirm that we have what you want and how much the postage will cost.
3)Pay the money then we will send the stuff out to you. Easiest way is paypal but there are other options if this is not possible. If you order a few things we can normally sort out a sweet discount.

4.Do you still put gigs on?We do but they're not as regular as in the past, email us and if we can help we will, in the past there were many gigs in Stoke on Trent and some in Nottingham but now these are pretty rare. We help diy bands when we can! Our main interest is in putting on benefit gigs but we do some gigs from time to time to help touring bands.

Anymore questions? just email including if you want to double check anything about stuff we list etc.

Thanks and if you've never heard of this label I hope this has helped